Smallest mobile imaging workstation


The BeeCube ® is the smallest forensic solution of the mh systems series. It is especially designed for operations with very little space.
The operating can be handled with the integrated touchscreen. There is no performance loss while imaging even with these small measurements!

The  BeeCube ® includes all features for saving digital evidence. The only thing you need to do to create forensic images is to plug the device in and connect the suspected media. For storing the evidence the BeeCube ® provides a hot-swappable, screw less backplane for changing destination drives without additional tools while the OS is running.


The BeeCube ® is available in the following configurations:

  • BeeCube: without preinstalled software
  • OxyCube: with Oxygen Forensics software preinstalled
  • CellCube: with Cellebrite software preinstalled

Write-Blocked Connection


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