Best hardware match for Belkasoft X


Our optimised workstation, tested and certified for the use with Belkasoft X!

This workstation for extraction and analysis has been developed in close cooperation with our partner Belkasoft to provide you with the perfect hardware to perform Belkasoft X in its top speed.

  • CPU: High End 16-Core Intel i9-Processor latest generation
  • RAM: 128GB DDR5 RAM – Double bandwith with the new fast RAM
  • Integrated Storage: SSD Storage – measured to the needs of Belkasoft X
  • Highend M2 SSDs latest generation, PCIe Gen4
  • Silent liquid-cooling system, perfect for the use in the office
  • Best temperature control
  • Available with or without integrated writeblocker

All specs are measured to the needs of Belkasoft X. As all our hardware systems, the solution is still customisable according to your preferences.


We believe in our products and our quality! As a sign of our trust in our products you will get up to 5 years warranty.

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