Data Recovery

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Data Recovery

The Data Recovery System is built on the basis of our Trecorder. It is the highest performing portable device in the world for mobile HDD/SSD and Flash repair as well as for data recovery in the field for computer forensics. It is equipped with the all-in-one Ultimate System for data recovery of HDD, SSD and RAID, which is extendable to Flash functionality. This system is the fastest and most efficient solution for diagnosing and repairing damaged hard drives from numerous vendors, of various capacities and with different file systems. As our Data Recovery System is equipped with three internal writeblockers, it can also be used for mobile digital evidence collection.

The Data Recovery System is a powerful hardware-software combination that allows to recover data from damaged drives in record time. The system supports drives from countless manufacturers and facilitates finding and repairing the damaged sectors as well as choosing the according action to retrieve the content. This hardware system is used both in small laboratories and big enterprises for urgent data recoveries.


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