Organizations are currently facing a growing number of increasingly perfidious digital crimes and threats from hacking, malware attacks and insider threats. Organised crime in particular is nowadays highly networked and mobile.

This is aggravated by the ever-increasing amount of data and communication channels. Even internal company e-mail traffic quickly exceeds the limits of what is manageable. In the event of suspicion, the need for a professional analysis by independent experts that can be used in court becomes obvious.


For more than 25 years, mh Service GmbH has specialised in IT forensics and related procedures such as network forensics, evaluation of mobile end devices, malware forensics, eDiscovery and also peripheral areas such as data recovery from damaged data carriers. Our company not only has many years of expertise, but also has its own production area for special hardware. 

  • IT-Forensics – computer acquisition and data investigation
  • eDicovery – work on big Email and Document cases
  • Mobile Forensics – capture and analyse Smartphone data and recover files from unusable phones
  • Data Recovery – recover files from broken disks or like HDD, SSD, USB-Thumbdrives, MobilePhones
  • Gather relevant information for a final report



  • M.Sc. Forensic Computing & Cybercrime Inv.
  • Finance Investigator
  • Examinations to appeal law for fraud and economic crimes
  • Former Police officer
  • Detective Superintendent

We provide you with trained investigators, both on your premises and at other locations. 

Software Qualifications

Work Areas

Digital Forensics
– X-Ways Forensics
– AccessData FTK

Mobile Forensics
– Microsystemation
– Cellebrite

  • Post Mortem
  • Mobile Forensik
  • Live-Response
  • Network forensics
  • VM forensics
  • Malware forensics
  • Pen-Tests (Nessus / OpenVas)

We offer on-site services to develop the best workflows for your staff and support you in your examinations and investigations. 

If you have any questions, suggestions or require further information, our contact persons will be happy to help you.