The Heart of Every IT Forensic Lab!

Our most powerful centralized forensics server ever, complete with huge storage capacity!


Our Most Powerful Centralized Forensics Server Ever, Complete With Huge Storage Capacity

A scalable solution for data acquisition, analysis, case management, evidence and case data storage. Works effortlessly with all forensics tools.

  • 20 port dongle server for sharing the license dongles within the forensic network, also suitable for optimal use with virtual machines
  • 2x25Gb network for all devices
  • Incl. automated tape backup appliance
  • 25x faster than normal Gigabit Ethernet
  • Optional complete virtual environment


  • Easy access to all case data for the entire investigation team
  • The 2x 25 Gb network (50 Gb through channel bundling) ensures extremely fast data transfers and enables forensic imaging directly onto the Nucleus and gives a smooth connection to the workstations.
  • Thanks to its modular design the Nucleus is easy to configure and allows countless adaptations on your specific requirements.
  • Can be used as an IT forensics server as well as a complete forensic network infrastructure.
  • The Nucleus has been specially designed to meet the requirements of IT forensics laboratories in times of constantly growing amounts of data and big data cases.
  • There is virtually no limit to the storage capacity – no matter how many terabytes or petabytes you need to process and back up your cases. And if more storage space is ever needed, the Nucleus can be expanded quickly at any time.
  • This integrated dongle server simplifies the license management and the related workflows by distributing licenses directly over the network. Hence you do not need to remove the corresponding dongles from the current workstation in order to connect it to another workstation where it is needed afterwards. Another advantage is that also the virtual machines can access them easily. If required, the individual licenses can also be shared online via VPN to external employees or other locations.
  • Our Nucleus is developed for long-term use and an expansion of the laboratory. The individual modules are built in a way that an uncomplicated upgrade of components can be easily carried out if the requirements in your laboratory should change
  • Fail-safe operation thanks to redundant power supplies for all operationally relevant components as well as an intelligent and efficient UPS.

Versatile Applications of Nucleus:

  1. Nucleus: Centralised server for your IT-forensic laboratory
  2. Add on: Nucelus Security: Remote analytics / endpoint security solution for incidence response
  3. Add on: Nucleus Remote: Centralised server for your IT-forensic laboratory and complete solution for remote access and work in the home office

Nucleus Security:

Monitor and protect your endpoints

Gain greater visibility into emerging insider threats, identify potential compliance breaches, reduce your response time to seconds, and kick-start your investigation and compliance teams. 

Nucleus Remote:

The All-In-One Solution for long term home office work!

This comprehensive modular all-in-one solution consists of a Nucleus Server for the whole IT-forensics team and fully functional workplaces for each investigator in home office, including a desk, an AntAnalyzer Workstation and everything you need for competent IT-forensic investigations.


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