Pandemic Control Kiosk

Fast & automated contact tracing and fever detection at airports and borders

Pandemic Control Kiosk

Pre-installed kiosk solution for automated temperature screening and contact tracing, ready to use!
Fully integrated, ready to use. Fast and easy deployment. Can be used at any hotspots such as hospital, checkpoints, airports

  • Enable a safe return to international travel while tracking individuals travelling from restricted areas
  • Keep healthy people from undergoing unsafe and unnecessary work routines
  • Simplify contact tracing and summary of travel history

Example: Border Entry

  • The system will be used to screen incoming international passengers who are entering the host country
  • Can form part of a standard primary screening process or used as a secondary screening method for passengers already detected to have a high temperature through a previous screening
  • The system can be integrated into an existing IT infrastructure and screening workflow. Kiosks can be set up at each immigration counter or provided as a shared resource between several counters
  • Data from the mobile devices and cloud sources will be automatically pushed into the server/Kiosk, processed and the resulting PDF report is then sent back for review by an official
  • If the report does not highlight any areas of concern, the traveller continues through the checkpoint as normal
  • If the report highlights areas of concern, a more in-depth screening/interview can take place

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