Spektor Kiosk

Desktop Solution

Spektor Kiosk

Desktop Solution

The new Spektor Kiosk reduces backlogs in your investigations.

Easy to use, enabling frontline, non-forensic investigative users to perform a fast and forensically sound capture and review of data from digital devices, including computers and external storage media.

High performance computing platform allows you to review results within moments. Flags priority content but ignores unwanted content.

Kiosk allows for different user levels from basic through to administrator. Full SPEKTOR capability is available for all authorised users.

Minimum training
Designed for use by non-technical operators supported by straightforward online training.  Administrative users can configure roles, workflow and search criteria.

Lower cost
Less training is needed and Kiosk is priced between existing SPEKTOR family options. Kiosk is also compatible with existing SPEKTOR peripheral

Main Features

  • Reduce Backlogs
  • Always Current
  • Find More
  • Desktop Solution
  • Easy to Use
  • Guided Workflow for Basic Users

Additional features

  • Touch Screen
  • Rapid Collection
  • Comprehensive Analysis
  • Forensically Accepted


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